The plane flys great with a GWS 300A motor and gearbox (3.75:1)  I used an 8 x 6 APC prop and a 2 cell 1200mah lithium battery. This is a great power system for this plane! The kit features a molded windshield and side windows. You can also see the wing mounted landing lights and roof window. Notice that the fin is faired into the's not just a flat slab braced with triangle stock. The prototype airframe weighs 8 oz. as you see it here. It is covered with Black Barron plastic film. There are no servos, pushrods, motor, speed control or battery included in that is just the airframe alone. My all up weight ready to fly is 16.3 oz. This gives a wing loading of 10 oz./square foot. This weight is for a 4 channel plane. The plane flys well with rudder and elevator control alone, if you want to build it 3 channel without ailerons. HOME ORDER CONTACT